Pierce Healy’s jewellery is a wondrous thing. Hand crafted and hand engraved, he creates pieces that look like they came straight out of a Grimm’s Fairy Tale or a Tim Burton movie. He doesn’t conform to any trends. How can he when there is a piece of his soul in each piece?! They are “forever” pieces that grow more beautiful with age. I have never worn a piece of his jewellery without people complimenting me, or sometimes even trying to buy them straight off my hand."

Caroline Mac Cormac (Dublin)

The first time I saw Pierce Healy's jewelry I immediately wanted to own all of it. Each piece is crafted with tremendous skill and detail. My personal favorites are his rings with moving parts - I have a beautiful spinning ring that I wear every day.

Grace Hollænder (New York)

I am not a big jewellery person as I have rarely found anything interesting enough to want to invest in. Some years ago, I was lucky enough to have been gifted a ring crafted by Pierce. It was raw and beautiful and like nothing I had ever seen before. It has been on my finger every day since. Fast forward several years and my parents want to buy me some jewellery for a big birthday. Pierce made a necklace and ring especially and I love them. I loved them so much that when my brother got married shortly after, I gifted them their wedding rings from Pierce and they were absolutely delighted.

Lisa Martin (London)

I'm a big BIG fan of everything Pierce Healy makes and does. Luckily, I am the proud owner of one of his stunning heart pendants and I love to wear it because it reminds me to keep what's close to my heart close to me. It's such a unique take on the idea of a heart pendant and the detail in the engraving is just exquisite I'm always quite proud of the number of comments this particular piece attracts.
When I'm stuck for a presents for friends especially for a special occasion such as a wedding, a new house or the arrival of a new baby, I think his hand-engraved personalized postcards are stunning gifts. They are such special items. I hope someone commissions one for me some day ;)
I met Pierce years ago though a friend who thought we should work together on some illustration work. He brought the same attention to the tiniest of details to these illustrations that you find in his jewellery. It was great to work with Pierce creatively. He is a power-house of ideas, positivity and energy.
I'm not surprised he's known on the streets for his shamanic soul restoring skills ;) because he brings magic to everything he touches.

Ann Kenny (Wexford)

Pierce Healy is an exceptional designer, creator, and maker. His work is intricate and highly skilled. He creates unique pieces unlike anything else I have ever seen. Pierce guided me through the process of designing my engagement ring. He was incredibly patient with my million and one questions and my procrastination. He sourced the highest quality materials and delivered my dream engagement ring that I will not only treasure for my lifetime but will be passed down hopefully to my children one day. His sensitivity to his clients needs, his remarkable vision, and extraordinary high-quality craftsmanship makes him second to none. I cannot recommend Pierce enough and I am forever grateful for the beautiful treasure he has created for me!

Shelley (New York)

Pierce Healy truly makes unique jewelry, I get compliments on my wonderful "spinner" ring all the time. It was a gift from my wife, who met with him and he was extremely receptive to her ideas of what she wanted. My wife said he was a pleasure to work with. Pierce was always make sure you get what you asked for. The quality of his work is incredible, Pierce only uses the best metals. I love all the little touches, being Scottish, especially the Celtic details. Pierce Healy's jewelry is both very modern and very old in style at the same time. Which makes it timeless. I cannot recommend him enough.

Andy Eaglesham (San Francisco)

Pierce’s creations engage all of my senses. Each piece opens up a world of experience and invites a world of fantasy.  While looking at his jewellery stirs my imagination, wearing it grounds me as I can feel both Pierce’s passion and his skill. His jewellery, my jewellery, tells a story - partly his and partly mine.It is an absolute pleasure to own some of Pierce’s exquisite work.

Tania (Dublin)

Pierce Healy lives on another planet so everything he makes is very unique. It’s all about story telling.

Matteo (Dublin)