These days acclaimed artist Pierce Healy can be found solving his world’s problems creating subversive objects and jewellery, often layered with intricate engravings. He refers to himself as a human Swiss army knife; not in an Edward Scissorshands way but in the way he toils in an array of materials and disciplines in addition to the numerous skills he has acquired throughout his life so far. 

Forged in dragon’s breath inside a volcano in the depths of Dublin, Ireland. Pierce Healy seduces, sculpts and hand engraves slabs of silver and gold into his dark raw jewellery. He is fascinated by the capacity of jewellery to embody our stories and to facilitate storytelling. He believes jewels are portable altars, vessels for our most intimate secrets and stories to be protected, cherished and adored. 

Within his practice there is no “master plan”, each piece is an experiment driven by curiosity; a study that informs the next piece in perpetuity. He is interested in the idea that jewellery is our second skin, everyday armour that when worn becomes something bigger, something other worldly as it takes on the scratches, dings and stories of the wearers adventures. Healy combines his obsession with the everyday, with his passion for walking, joking, singing, playing guitar, drawing, storytelling, mark making and hand engraving, to create truly unique handcrafted objects and jewellery. 

In short, Pierce Healy conjures visual incongruities, manifested as objects and jewellery, in an attempt to make sense of the nonsense of the everyday and to question common values and what is valuable!