You are well loved ring


As a well - loved being you are entitled to a map of light and time, although admittedly these are not free. This ring compresses light into time. Please imagine it with us. Think of time as a well or a tunnel, and look down into it. Downwards (backwards) you see a beam of light at the origin of its creation. It might be a match, lit just now, it might be the birth of a supernova. On this ring are some points of light in time - see one? Now imagine you also see that light’s final moment as it splats against its destination, as the match is blown out or a galaxy dies (don’t worry, no galaxies were harmed in the making of this ring). Have a star’s birth and death at your fingertips (don’t be sad - we had the opportunity to speak to the star; it was not sad to go). Free bonus question with every purchase: is the point the origin of the light, or its destination?

• Hand carved and engraved oxidized 925 sterling silver chunky ring
• Inspired by the dramatic layered sedimentary rock on the West coast of Ireland
• Hand crafted in Dublin in limited editions, no two are ever the same
• Expect inconsistencies, and celebrate them
• Width: 10 > 16mm, Thickness of metal: 4mm
• Sizing to be confirmed via email after order
• Packaged with handmade, raw, distressed marbled paper
• Free shipping