Happily divorced ring


There’s nothing worse than a love that’s gone. When the idea of what you had and what you were together screeches at you like a winter-bare branch bothering a dirty window, the only cure is forgetting. You need a rare and complex object that reminds you of nothing and no one. With this ring I forget thee! A Heavy ring to lighten your dark heart, and precious metals to harden it. Rings for unusable superpowers, like the ability to find a sock’s missing mate, or meet someone in the past. Rings for pains that aren’t really there, and for loves that are. Rings for finding treasure, and losing it again.

• Hand carved and cast oxidised 925 sterling silver ring
• Inspired by unsent love letters
• Hand crafted in Dublin in limited editions, no two are ever the same
• Expect inconsistencies, and celebrate them
• Width: 15mm, Thickness of metal: 4.5mm (can be customised)
• Sizing to be confirmed via email after order
• Packaged with handmade, raw, distressed marbled paper