letters 4 ever

Hand engraved letters on a copper plate mailed to your loved one(s). These letters last, which is a welcome contrast to today's SMS

Order your Hand engraved letter by emailing: hello@letters4ever.com

What we need:

1) what you want to say (45 characters max)

2) the name and full address of the person who will receive the greeting.

3) the desired date on which the letter will reach the recipient.

Confirmation of payment

when we receive your order, we will send you a confirmation email.

Payment is made through Paypal using the address hello@letters4ever.com

After we receive confirmation of payment, we need at least 3 working days before the letter can be sent. We are not responsible for any delays caused by the postal service.


160 Euro (postage included)

Product Information

The letter is hand engraved on a copper plate 85 X 54mm, thickness: 0.6mm

On the front: Customers message.

On the back: Recipients address and stamp.

The copper letter is posted within an envelope for privacy and saftey.

Thank you for your order!